Lil Tjay Is Arrested & Beats the Case in ‘F.N.’ Watch


A clip of Lil Tjay being arrested went viral online earlier this week, but we've since found out that it was just part of his new music video for "F.N.," which was released on Thursday. The menacing visual has quickly amassed more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours since its premiere.

The Prince of New York is aggressively placed under arrest, but even after hours of high-stress interrogation, Tjay refuses to succumb to the pressure of prosecutors and law enforcement. He finally gets his day in court and is exonerated of his charges and is able to walk away free.

On the flip side, Tjay showcases the karma he believes that comes to those that snitch, as one of the friends he was arrested with ends up giving the police information in exchange for his freedom back, but the exiled member of his crew is eventually gunned down in the streets days later for his selfish decision.

"F.N." debuted at No. 92 on the latest Billboard Hot 100

Watch the "F.N." video below.