Lil Tecca’s Old Feature Price Is Unbelievable


Not many fourteen-year-olds are successful enough in their musical side hustle that they can actually charge for a feature. Lil Tecca is not like most people though. Now seventeen, the New York rapper has become one of the hottest upcoming artists in the industry, striking gold with his hit single “Ran$om.”His project We Love You Tecca is officially out now and it keeps on gaining streams. With youth on his side, people are interested in seeing how this young artist develops. It would be difficult to gauge exactly how much you would have to shell out for a feature from Tecca these days but considering the popularity of his brand, you’d likely have to part with hella bands. If you caught onto his wave two years ago though, you could have been prospering off his newfound clout hard today though.

As reported by XXL, Lil Tecca was once offering rappers a pretty fair deal on feature spots, charging a mere $50 if you wanted a verse. At the time, he only had a couple of thousand SoundCloud followers and he was just starting to earn some buzz in the streets. It hasn’t always been an easy ride for Tecca but it looks like he’s finally arrived for good. You can rest assured that he’s not making $50 for a verse anymore either.

Shout-out to Lil Tecca for the growth.

Lil Tecca's Old Feature Price Is Unbelievable