Lil Snupe’s Mother Defends Meek Mill Following Fame-Obsessed Father’s Tombstone Rant


Dream Chasers rapper Lil Snupe was shot to death in 2013 at the age of 18 following an argument over a video game. Lil Snupe’s father Charlie Brown, who was incarcerated at the time, finally visited his gravesite last week after getting out of prison. While at the cemetery, he went on an angry rant aimed at Dream Chasers boss Meek Mill and Roc Nation mogul JAY-Z, accusing them of not providing a proper headstone for his late son.

Now, Lil Snupe’s mother is defending Meek Mill and explaining it was her choice not to have a headstone. In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday (April 19), the woman claimed Brown is seeking fame and nothing more.

“Snupe does not have a headstone due to my personal reasons,” she says. “Me as a mother, when you taking this journey, it’s just hard sometimes. What I never wanted to accept is Snupe is dead and the hardest thing to realize is he is never coming back. So that is the reason why he did not have a headstone because it kinda sealed the deal for me.”

She also says Brown knew exactly why there wasn’t a headstone prior to his trip to Lil Snupe’s grave and notes Meek Mill never put a price cap on burial costs for her son.

“It has nothing to do with Meek,” she continues. “It’s my personal decision that I prepared … so going out to that grave and making that big old scene, the main thing about was that [Snupe’s father] wanted to go viral. He was excited about going viral. He thinks he’s about to get paid for going viral. ”

Elsewhere in the clip, Lil Snupe’s mom claims Brown was sending her death threats and felt compelled to defend herself.

“As I continue on, let’s just make it clear Snupe dad didn’t even claim him. I’m gonna present the blood test to you guys. He took me through so much when it came down to being the father for Snupe. He kept telling me I need to find out who that bastard’s dad is. I do have a blood test that we took in 2008, which is only five years prior to Snupe getting murdered so you just started claiming your son. You just started really acknowledging that. Whether you’re his dad or not, you serve no purpose.”

Brown’s trip to see his son took place on April 12 and as soon as he arrives, he starts unraveling at the site of Snupe’s final resting place.

“You need to see what muthafuckin’ Nipsey Hussle’s look like, you need to see what muthafuckin’ King Von’s shit look like,” he said in the since-deleted video. “This n-gga ain’t got no muthafuckin’ headstone on this shit. God damn. I never thought I’d come see my muthafuckin’ son and he’d have no muthafuckin’ headstone.

“There should be a monument up to this n-gga’s shit. Man, what the fuck went on? Did Meek Mill see him get put in the ground? Was Meek Mill around here to see him get put in the ground? He wasn’t around here to see him put in the ground? But he came and seen him in the casket?”

He added, “Shit ain’t supposed to be like this. He was affiliated with Roc Nation. JAY-Z, I see you fuck with goddamn your kids to the fullest. You love Blue Ivy and them. I love Lil Snupe. Don’t get it twisted.”

Lil Snupe and Meek Mill met during a Grambling State University tour stop in 2012. The then-17-year-old passed his demo along to the Maybach Music Group artist and was signed to Dream Chasers almost immediately.