Lil Skies Previews A Smooth New Love Song


Lil Skies is easily one the hottest new rappers in the game right now. His debut single “Red Roses” with Landon Cube blew up, charting as high as number 69 on the Billboard charts. His music has a sort sustainable quality to it that makes it feel like it may have a long shelf life. Since he is relatively new to the game, it is difficult to judge his music’s lifespan but it seems like, out the current crop new-school up-and-comers, Lil Skies is one the most interesting.

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The rapper recently took to Instagram to share what he’s been working on and it sounds especially lush. The Pennsylvania artist shared a sample a love song, and his vocals sound strangely and beautifully united with the instrumental. Lil Skies is singing directly to his significant other on the track while detailing his come-up in the verse that seemingly follows the hook. The rapper jams to the song while it blares over the studio monitors, mouthing the lyrics and evidently feeling the cut.

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Skies has had an impressive and fairly quick come-up, and he seems to be molding into a multi-talented artist with an ear for beats and melodic structure. It is yet to be determined if the song that he previewed will ever see the light day, but based on the short teaser, it’s got us hyped for new Lil Skies.