Lil Skies Explores a Luxe Mansion in ‘Going Off’ Watch


Lil Skies kept everything a surprise until Thursday (July 18) when he announced the release of his latest single "Going Off." Fans were elated to hear that the Pennsylvania native would return with his first offering since Shelby back in March. "Going Off" is yet to hit streaming services, but the song's video has already cracked the YouTube Trending section's top 10. 

The clip is kept relatively simple for the most part outside of some trippy effects added to enhance Lil Skies' moves and looks to be shot at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Skies goes from hanging with a few women by the pool to exploring what nature has to offer on a hike alongside some homies. 

The 20-year-old takes the second verse to reflect on how he went from a college dropout to rap star. "I dropped out of college to sell weed then hit the stu'/ Mad because I made it and it didn't work for you/ My bitch stay in Chanel, she don't wear no Jimmy Choo/ We ran up them numbers, being us, fuck being cool," he raps. 

Watch the "Going Off" video below.