Lil Pump Tosses $500K Cash Inside Atlanta Jewelry Store


Beginning an article by writing, “Lil Pump walked into a jewelry store holding $500K worth of cash,” isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Neither is continuing the story by saying, “He decided it was a good idea to toss all the money in the air and roll around in it once it was all on the floor.” Pump never misses an opportunity to flash his stacks or brag about how much money he has as the teen rapper loves spending as much as he’s making.

According to TMZPump recently visited Icebox in Atlanta to cop some new jewelry. The famed jeweler locked down the store for Pump and his entourage so they could shop in private, and the rapper didn’t disappoint the store with his purchases. TMZ also obtained footage of the moment Pump began tossing bills in the air while pacing around the store. As money fell from the sky, Pump verbally called out for strippers. Who had to pick that cash up off the floor?

Aside from the theatrics, Pump reportedly spent his $500k on: a custom “Lil Pump” pendant with VVS diamonds; diamond Cartier glasses with purple tinted shades; two-tone rose/white gold Miami Cuban bracelet with VVS diamonds; two rose gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds; two white gold Icebox diamond spike bracelets with VVS diamonds; a baguette diamond ring with VVS diamonds; and a one-of-a-kind diamond grill.