Lil Pump Startles Fans with Suicidal Posts


Lil Pump has fans worried after posting some alarming messages on social media.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Saturday morning (Mar. 30), the 18-year-old rapper shared his dark and somber thoughts. “Not feeling good rn idk if I wanna keep doing any of dis,” he wrote in the first message.

The second post was even more concerning. “I feel like Ima die soon & all dis will be over,” added Pump along with the peace sign emoji.

Lil Pump Startles Fans with Suicidal Posts

Fans took to social media to express their concern over his suicidal thoughts. “Can’t believe lil pump posted a [suicidal] post and so many ppl are encouraging him to do it, hope someone is checking on him and he gets help,” tweeted one fan, while others prayed for his well-being. “Depression is real. Money and fame certainly does not guarantee happiness. Praying for you @lilpump.”