Lil Pump Reportedly Sued For Fleeing Scene Of Car Accident


It looks like Lil Pump is the latest victim a new lawsuit. According to the TMZ, the “Gucci Gang” rapper is getting sued by a man who was apparently injured badly in a car accident involving Pump and his crew.

The California man claims the accident happened around 2:20 PM on October 11, 2017, when he was driving his Nissan Pathfinder in L.A. and was involved in a “violent collision” with a 2006 Bentley containing the Lil Pump, his manager, and a couple other guys.

According to the documents TMZ obtained, the man was pulled from his car by Pump and his crew and reportedly left in the road, despite being badly injured and unconscious. Instead making sure he was okay, the man says Pump’s crew grabbed a large duffel bag from the Bentley’s trunk and took f leaving everything behind.

The man is suing for damages for his injuries, pain and suffering and wants his medical bills covered. He also lists Warner Bros. Records in the suit, who repped Pump at the time, but no longer does now.

This report surfaces just a day after finding out that Pump is taking a break from social media for a little bit, so we may not get to hear him speak on the matter, but we’ll keep you posted moving forward.