Lil Pump On Social Media Hiatus According To Smokepurpp


While it may already have been slightly apparent, Smokepurpp has appropriately taken to Instagram to inform his followers that Lil Pump will not be using the social media platform, as well as Twitter, for a while. Pump has sparingly been posting updates on social media throughout his legal concerns, as the rapper was put under house arrest for allegedly firing a gun inside his home. Falling victim to Funk Flex’s “wack rapper” tirade yesterday, Jetski has decided to go on hiatus for an undetermined amount time before his return to social media. 

Smokepurpp posted the PSA to his Instagram story, disclosing that the “Gucci Gang” rapper will not be updating his pages, saying, “Pump will not be on social media for a while. He can’t be on that shit right now. So, just letting you guys know beforehand.” It is uncertain what Purpp means when he states that Pump cannot be on the platforms but it may have something to do with the details his arrest. Regardless, social media can take a toll one’s psyche so Pump may just be taking time to recuperate and come back stronger. 

Smokepurpp and Lil Pump have collaborated heavily over their short careers. Lil Purpp has been an influence on Pump, as well as many other SoundCloud-era rappers, due to his success on the platform. While Pump may not be on the ‘Gram for a while, he will likely come back with a vengeance as he is regularly very active socially.