Lil Pump: "New Deal On The Way"


Last week, Smokepurpp announced that Lil Pump would be taking a hiatus from social media, hinting that he could be gone from Instagram and Twitter for a while. It appeared that a long time was actually only 6 days. Pump is back on Instagram, celebrating his most recent accomplishment gathering over 10 million followers, and he was even given a cake for the milestone. The young Floridian has had his fair share  legal drama in the last few months, proudly showing f his ankle monitor on the ‘gram before he decided to take a break. Perhaps things have been sorted out as it appears Pump is willing to focus on the important things in life: getting his money right.

In addition to his celebration reaching a new high in IG followers, Jetski announced even more cause to commemorate the occasion. On his Instagram story, Pump gleefully announces that he has a “new deal on the way.” Earlier this year, the “Gucci Gang” rapper said he would not sign with any labels for less than $15 million. It appears as though somebody has finally coughed up enough cash for Pump to consider signing as he yelled the good news before doing an elegant dive onto a couch.

For those missing Pump’s regular “ESKEETIT” yelps on social media, this could mean good news for you since he appears to be back on the medium. To everybody that was enjoying his short-lived hiatus, I guess you’ll just need to live with it. Check out Pump’s posts below.