Lil Pump Inspires Travis Barker's Kid To Get Face Tattoos, But Travis Shuts It Down


On the list things that minors should probably not consider doing, getting face tattoos has got to be up there. However, that doesn’t stop Landon Barker, Travis Barker’s 14-year-old son, asking if he can get tatted on his face every day. Landon is friends with Lil Pump, who notably has a few face tats his own, which may be where he’s getting the idea. Regardless, there’s somewhat  a craze going on right now with face tattoos as it becomes more a “normal” thing. Travis Barker stopped to talk to TMZ about his kids getting tattoos, and touched upon Pump’s influence on his kid.

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Barker spoke on Landon’s fascination with face tattoos, saying, “My son’s fourteen and he asks me every day. There’s an obsession with kids and face tattoos now. Every rapper has them.] Lil Pump played at his birthday party, he’s a friend Landon’s.” The drummer followed up his statements, prohibiting face tattoos for his children, at least for the time being exclaiming, “No face tattoos yet!” 

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While tattoos, in general, may not be the “job-stopper” they once were, face tattoos seem to be a deal breaker for the Blink-182 member. Until his kids can prove to him that they’re hustling like their father, or like Lil Pump for that matter, you should expect their faces to be inkless.