Lil Pump Clarifies That His New Deal Is $8 Million For One Project


Lil Pump made some bold claims yesterday, suggesting that he and Migos run the culture after he signed a new record deal with Warner Bros. Pump has been a controversial figure among rap fans with many forming negative opinions regarding his lyrical content and the sound he has contributed to. It is undeniable, however, that Pump has made an impact in the hip-hop community, making a name for himself by capitalizing on the enormous success “Gucci Gang.” While the young Floridian has previously remarked that he would not sign with any label for less than $15 million, it was a shock to hear that he settled for an $8 million deal with the same company he initially left.

Nonetheless, Lil Pump still finessed Warner Bros. as he was originally making much less coin than his current $8 million deal. And, if Pump is being truthful in his Instagram story, he may be able to afford a whole lot new Gucci for a few years. Jetski took to the medium to shut down the rumored details his deal, saying that the $8 million payf is for him to release one project. Pump is notably still wearing his 1017 chain gifted by Gucci Mane, which originally sparked rumors that he had signed to the ATL legend.

In the video, Pump yells that he’s not sure about “the other bulls-it,” continuing that his deal was inked for a singular album, “and that’s it.” Given the details the blossoming talent’s new information, do you think Pump will step his game up or explore different sounds on his next full-length?