Lil Pump And Anuel AA's Spending Knows No Bounds On 'Illuminati'


Lil Pump, the famous dropout of Harverd University, probably knows a thing or two about secret societies thanks to his collegiate studies. He flaunts this academic knowledge on his new track, "Illuminati" that arrives as a collaboration with Anuel AA. In its flashy accompanying video, the two attend a funeral and get into a rap cypher with masked cult members. With all manner of goats, snakes, and triangles all over this clip, there's more than enough for a YouTube conspiracy theorist to get a ten-minute video out of it.

"Illuminati" is all in good fun. Lil Pump and Anuel AA are getting so much money, and having so much fun, that, per the usual accusation when this happens, they have to be members of the secret society that's officially defined as a group that claims "to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something." Their raps on the song practically laugh this off as they brag about what their lives are like now.

For starters, Anuel AA is an untouchable millionaire that wears Gucci. He's so fresh to death that in the video, he's literally rapping from a coffin as friends and family mourn him. They clearly can't see that he's alive and well because he's going as hard as he can from his comfortable box, making angry rapping faces to the camera.