Lil Nas X Reflects On His Come Up In Light Of Making Billboard History


Lil Nas X is a history-making man. At just 20-years-old he’s become the only cat to have the longest-running song on the Billboard Hot 100 with his beloved “Old Town Road” tune. Last week Lil Nas admitted to forcing customers at Red Lobster to stream his song for the coveted spot which proves he really did put in work to make his dream come true. 

Lil Nas X Reflects On His Come Up In Light Of Making Billboard History
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In light of the amazing news, the “Panini” rapper has now come through to tell a little tale about his rise to fame and how it all started with a simple connection with the beat and lyrics that detailed his situation. “Last year in October, as a struggling artist starting to lose faith in what I could be, I went looking for beats on youtube. I remember clicking on so many generic sounding beats trying to find the right one for me. when suddenly I came across a country-trap sounding masterpiece. I immediately knew I would make something special out of it,” he wrote. 

The rest of the post detailed how he had just days left staying at his sister’s place after being there and promoting his music for months. “I jokingly/seriously saw myself as a loner cowboy needing to run away from it all! I went out on my sister’s back porch and listened to the beat OVER & OVER & OVER!! then it came to me!!”

That’s when the catchy hook was born that has kept people hitting rewind on the song, leading to Lil Nas’ success. Read the post in full below and peep some reactions from fans on Twitter.