Lil Nas X Comes Out As Gay; Fans React


On the final day of Pride Month, Lil Nas X decided to shock the world by coming out as gay. He believed that his sexual orientation was pretty obvious, linking his fans to a tiny rainbow in the cover art to his debut project 7 but still, people were surprised to see him reveal his truth. He knows full well that this could affect his fanbase and with “Old Town Road” being the most successful song of the year so far, boosting Nas X to superstardom, it was a bold move to make for the rapper. LNX is in the beginning stages of his career and we all know that the LGBTQ+ community is not yet welcomed with inviting arms in the hip-hop world. While we inch toward that eventual day, Nas X is helping make it a reality with his revelation.

As you would expect, his announcement came with several of his fans making “Old Town Road” jokes, snickering about his lyrics in the song and even making their own remixes based on the artist coming out. LNX has been co-signing a lot of the reactions to his post, seemingly happy and feeling free about his decision to speak his truth. The general reaction to Lil Nas X’s coming out is one of wholesomeness with the majority of his fanbase still accepting him with open arms. Obviously, some people were not very receptive, cutting off the 20-year-old altogether.

Considering he once reportedly ran a Nicki Minaj stan account, some fans weren’t too surprised to hear that Nas X is gay. Still, they decided to speak out on social media. Peep some of the best tweets below.