Lil Nas X Addresses Nicki Minaj Fan Rumors


Before he broke the record for longest-running No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Lil Nas X was a social media sensation.

The “Old Town Road” phenom gained a large six-figure following on Twitter with his viral memes and reportedly ran the popular Nicki Minaj fan account @NasMaraj on Twitter.

During his visit to Ebro on Hot 97 this week, the 20-year-old rapper was asked about his past including whether he was a “big Nicki Minaj fan.” He remained coy, only saying, “Ummm…somewhat,” while making it clear that’s not what made him successful. “But that’s not how…it’s music things.”

New York magazine documented his rise to stardom using social media. “By trafficking in memes, viral threads, engagement bait, and Nicki Minaj stanning, Lil Nas X was able to create a six-digit follower base on Twitter, and it was that platform that served as a springboard for ‘Old Town Road,’” wrote the magazine, who claims that Nas’ team has tried to squash reports that he ran a Nicki Minaj fanpage.

His old @NasMaraj account is suspended now, but some tweets are available through internet archives. While he may distance himself from his past, Nicki Minaj fans haven’t forgotten about one of their own.

Lil Nas is now moving forward. After “Old Town Road” was finally dethroned from the top of the Hot 100 after 19 weeks, he is promoting his new single “Panini,” which he performed at the MTV VMAs.

“I’m not expecting to have every single do this,” he said of “Old Town Road’s” massive success. “It’s just an amazing boost, head start to get where I’m going to be and it’s opened doors for so much other stuff, even outside of music.”

Watch the full interview, where he also speaks about working with Cardi B and breaking barriers.