Lil Durk Tells Ebro His Next Album is a Joint Effort with Metro Boomin


Lil Durk just released the deluxe edition of his album 7220, and he already has his eyes set on the next project. Speaking with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 ahead of his live performance for the streaming giant, Durkio revealed that his next project would be with Metro Boomin.

Ebro asked about the album, to which Durk responded, “As far as next album, you done heard something. Nah, it’s really the Metro” and “Guaranteed. If that got leaked, ya’ll have had it. You’re not on the level.”

Durk and Metro Boomin have flirted with the idea of an album for years, but Durk has released numerous projects since.

Adding on to the conversation, Durkio revealed that he is excited about the upcoming live performance.

” I feel that anything you put your name on you should put your all into. Every time I touch the mic it’s like… go hard. It’s gonna be like an out of body experience. I feel that anything you put your name on, you should put your all into. My fans’ special because they made me who I am. I relate to them, and I got day one fans that know my whole story. So it’s like your real life family. Trying to give something they never had before. I want them to leave with their energy. “I really love him” up on the back.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.