Lil Durk on Chicago’s Gun Violence: “This needs to change and ASAP”


Recently, Lil Durk vowed to not rap the name of his dead opps anymore. Today, Lil Durk is calling for an end to gun violence in his hometown of Chicago.

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Earlier this week, a 6 and 7-year-old girl, were shot in Chicago. To date, over 250 kids have been shot in the city with 32 losing their life. Lil Durk would share the news story on Instagram with a call for a higher power to step in and match efforts he is willing to provide.

“I be willing to help the best way I can but some higher power act as if they don’t care,” Durk started. “This needs to change and ASAP.”


According to WLS-TV Chicago, the 7-year-old died and the 6-year-old is fighting for her life. “They shot her in her heart. She didn’t even get a chance to fight,” Michael Broughton, the girls’ father said. He also said he has no clue who did the shooting or why it happened.

Monday, Squeak, producer of Saba’s Pivot Gang was also shot and killed in Chicago. Squeak, born Javunte Wheeler, and his uncle, 27-year-old Darion Hood were both shot to death in the 5000 block of West St. Paul Avenue, the Sun-Times reports. Outpours online echoed common sentiments of Squeak as a gentle and kind person to everyone he encountered. Squeak leaves behind two children.