Lil Durk Disregards Drake’s "Care Package" Sales: "I’m Really #1"


Last week was fairly quiet in terms of new music releases unless you count Drake dropping tons of his old loosies on streaming as an official drop. The Canadian superstar is poised to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 with his Care Package, which was essentially just a bunch of re-released material. Considering it was a quiet week, Drake seemingly chose the perfect time to drop, choosing not to take any shine away from younger artists. Lil Durk released his new project on the same day and he’s actually not even upset about Drake beating him in sales. In fact, it’s more of an “in one ear and out the other” situation.

The Chicago drill rapper took to Twitter to speak his mind about his placement on Apple Music’s album chart, noting that even though he’s not in the lead, he’s still Number One. Sharing a screenshot of the chart, which shows Drake at the top with Durkio following closely in front of Chance the Rapper and Young Dolph, Durk told his fans that he’s not concerned about his sales. “Drake don’t count that’s drake so I’m really #1,” he joked.

Realistically, Lil Durk knows that he’ll likely never outsell Drake. He’s extremely popular and people are definitely checking for new Durk but when it comes to Drake, that man is at an excessive level of fame and popularity. There is no beating him. Durk has already accepted defeat and he’s feeling good.