Lil Dicky Explains Why Kanye West Wasn’t Able To Partake In His "Earth" Video


Lil Dicky dropped off his latest music video dubbed “Earth” that has over 30 cameos from some of the biggest acts in the game right now. We’re talking  Ariana Grande (zebra), Justin Bieber (baboon), Wiz Khalifa (skunk), Miley Cyrus (elephant), Miguel (squirrel), Halsey (lion cub), Adam Levine (vultures), and Lil Jon (clam), and many more. 

Kanye West happens to make a cameo as himself, but his voice is acted by Kevin Hart. TMZ recently caught up with Lil Dicky and asked him about that one tidbit in the video where Dicky explained how it was hard to get ahold of Kanye. “I just couldn’t get in contact with Kanye,” Dicky said, as seen in the video below. When asked why Ye wasn’t an animal like everyone else, he said it’s because he “loves Kanye,” adding how he’s a “big hero” of his. 

Dicky recently chopped it up with Zane Lowe and detailed how his album is two songs away from being done. “Every song is like an idea,” he said. “I can’t just go into the studio and pop out songs. Every song takes me weeks to write. I’m two songs away from it being the dream version of my album. Whatever I do now has to last five years where I can listen to it and not be upset.”