Lil Dicky Calls ‘Earth’ Video ‘My Life’s Most Important Work’


Lil Dicky stopped by Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show on Earth Day (April 22) to talk about the star-studded video for his new song “Earth.”

Following host Zane Lowe’s assertion that the new track is a modern-day “We Are the World,” the comedian/rapper opened up about the song as an environmental call to action.

“Initially… my idea was really just about, ‘What if we got different artists to play animals?’” he said of the A-list collaboration, featuring Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and dozens of other artists. “It really wasn’t conscious or environmental in its origin.”

However, the direction of the song changed drastically once Lil Dicky studied the realities of climate change, pollution and society’s impact on the planet.

“So what started as this really silly, little fun idea … became my life’s most important work,” he told Lowe. “And I think what I want the song to do is put others on the journey of discovery. I don’t know how this isn’t what everyone is talking about at all times — literally the earth is like falling apart.”

For more on the “Earth” video, including how Kevin Hart wound up voicing Kanye West, watch the full interview below.