Lil Baby Sent Gucci Mane Artist Ralo $50K In Prison – Who Turned It Into $200K


Lil Baby is looking out for friend and fellow Atlanta rapper Ralo, who is currently behind bars following his 2018 arrest on conspiracy charges.

A recent video shared online shows Ralo speaking on a prison phone and thanking Lil Baby for sending him $50,000 while in prison.

“Lil Baby, I appreciate you,” Ralo says in the clip. “Lil Baby sent me $50,000 … I could call him right now and say, ‘Send me [$100,000],’ and he’ll send it to me today.”

Ralo also took to Instagram to share a message for late Quality Control rapper Lil Marlo, who was shot and killed in July 2020.

“Dear Marlo, I love & miss you with every piece of me,” he wrote on Saturday (November 13). “I always thought I was going to come home to you, so we can turn up at all the welcome home Ralo parties. Sometimes I think that this jail shit saved my life because with the mindset I had, it only lead to this an death.

“I post you alot an I’m paying for you a all black video shoot this Wednesday at Cocos studios with 24 Heavy to keep your name alive. The last time we was all together was at the Lil Cali & Pakistan video shoot, that’s why that video mean so much to me.”

Ralo also explained how he used the $50,000 from Lil Baby to pay for merchandise and turned it into $200,000.

“Lil Baby kept it real he sent me $50k I spent it all on merch an made $200k,” he added. “Im still going to take care of them kids when I land, I keep Tammy in my heart… #FreeRalo.”

Located at Clayton County Detention Center in Ashland, Alabama, Ralo provided a positive update on his release in October.

“My judge scheduled my entire case to be over December,” he said at the time. “My lawyers asking for time served. I need letters an some good people that’s willing to come testify that they will help me stay on the right path while I’m on the 3 years probation. I also agreed to talk to the youth.”

The likes of Drake, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill and Quavo have all advocated for his prison release.