Lil Baby Buys His Mom & Aunt Brand New Luxury Cars


The rap scene in Atlanta only continues to grow and right now, two young men stand at the front of the roster when it comes to rising talents from the A: Lil Baby and Gunna. The two have worked together to a countless degree and we’ve all heard just how successful they could be as a unit. Through their work together and as solo artists, they’ve made tremendous names for themselves and both rappers have bagged tons of money in the last year. With one of the biggest songs of the year in “Drip Too Hard,” it only makes sense. Baby decided to treat his mother and aunt to a surprise, bringing them outside and handing them the keys to their two new cars. Their reactions were caught on video too.

Lil Baby Buys His Mom & Aunt Brand New Luxury Cars
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

In a video making the rounds online, Lil Baby can be seen bringing his mom and aunt outside to the drive-way so he can show them their new whips: a Mercedes Benz and a Jeep. The two women were surprised, covering their mouths in shock as they simply couldn’t believe Baby had actually gone and spent thousands of dollars on each of them. When you make it, you’ve got to give back to those that supported you along the way.

If you’re striving to become an established artist, these are the types of moments that will give you the motivation to keep hustling. One day, you’ll be able to get your family everything they want too.