Lil B Is Heading To The Joe Rogan Podcast


Joe Rogan and Lil B have something in common, as both have become revered in their respective fields. Joe Rogan has transcended the title  Fear Factor host, and reached his final form hosting one the world's most watched and respected podcasts. Known for insightful discussion, no-fucks-given discourse, and adherence to both left and right leaning ideologies, Rogan's eponymous podcast has earned him a loyal audience from all walks life. Evidently, he's even got some fans in the hip-hop community.

In fact, The Based God himself stepped out to praise Rogan Twitter, writing "Hey joe it’s a honor and you are a legend on and f the internet!! Might be podcast time!" Naturally, he signed his tweet like a parent might sign their text. Joe Rogan clearly respects the power the Based God, and responded in kind, extending an invitation to the legendary rapper. Naturally, Lil B took him up on the fer, and thus, a binding Twitter contract was formed. 

There's not exactly any clear sign as to when this might come to fruition, but rest assured, the idea Lil B chopping it up with Joe Rogan should be enough to get us through the most trying times. Stay tuned for more developments on this unlikely philosophical partnership.