LeyeT Proclaims Her Intuition With Heartwarming Single 'Most People': Exclusive Premiere


There's no need to explain what you're thinking to LeyeT — at least, that's what the budding Los Angeles indie popper claims in her latest sugary sweet single, “Most People,” premiering exclusively through Billboard today (May 30).

The bubbly, lovestruck tune begins with an uncomplicated guitar riff as LeyeT (pronounced “light”) lists just a few the subject's best qualities: “Hey, I love your face and how you always keep on trying/How you change your mind, you take your time, others may doubt it.” 

But where others may doubt the person to whom the lyrics are directed, LeyeT insist she knows them on a unique level as she dives into the infectious chorus, driven by a popping, bouncy beat. “Most people won't get it/But I do,” she repeats, subsequently warming listeners' hearts.

“This one made me cry the day I wrote it,” LeyeT admits to Billboard. “It was what I needed to hear myself during a time when I was feeling super overwhelmed. At the heart what I want to provide for others through my artistry is clarity — my hope is that this song helps to bring that about and to help reaffirm sense self.”

“Most People” is reaffirming indeed, shedding light on the extraordinary level mutual understanding that stems from a genuine bond. Weaved together with the catchy hook and understated electronic influences, LeyeT has successfully grown her therapeutic message into a simultaneously fun, breezy summer jam.

Listen to “Most People” below.