Leslie Jones' 14 Best Fangirl Tweets About 'RuPaul's Drag Race'


The “SNL” star just discovered the VH1 reality competition in May.

Even though RuPaul’s Drag Race has been taking television by storm for 10 years, there are still some viewers who are just discovering the show. Drag Race’s move from Logo to a primetime spot on VH1 meant that the show gained a much larger viewership and fanbase over its past two seasons.

One those new fans is Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones. The comedian started tweeting about the show in May, saying she was shocked that she hadn’t discovered Drag Race until then. “Ok where the fuck have I been that I haven’t ever watched this show?!! I’m mad now!!” she tweeted. “Is rupaul a stand up comic too? Cause omg he funny as hell! Sorry y’all just love when I find a show I like.”

Over the next few months, the star binge-watched as many seasons the show and its after-show Untucked as she could. While watching, Jones tweeted out her video reactions to the show, most them being naturally hilarious. Here are just a few our favorite tweets from Leslie Jones about RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Jones’ tweets caught the attention a few the Drag Race queens, including Alyssa Edwards, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Trixie Mattel. But one queen even went as far as to give the SNL star exactly what she wanted.

While she was watching season 4 last month, Jones tweeted out her frustration at not knowing why Willam was disqualified from the competition. So Willam broke his long silence on his disqualification and tweeted Leslie a four-page tea-spilling explanation as to why he was eliminated, including his fights with the crew, leaving his hotel room, stealing objects from the set and more.

Read Willam’s full statement below: