Leslie Grace on Super Junior Collaboration: 'We Have The Power To Break Cultures'


One the biggest collaborations to attract attention in the last few weeks is Super Junior and Leslie Grace’s “Lo Siento.” Nobody ever thought that K-pop and Latin music could merge so perfectly, until now.

As for the story behind the song? Super Junior had the idea doing a Latin single in Spanish with an urban style. They wanted to be the first K-pop group to break the cultural barrier, and they started working with Play-N-Skillz, who eventually presented the song to Leslie Grace.

“Super Junior already had the song written in Korean and English with the Spanish title,” Leslie Grace tells Billboard. “They went to Play-N-Skillz asking who could be the perfect female match for the song, and they call me using Facetime. I said, 'Yes, let's do it'!”

To Grace, this collaboration brought a new twist to her career, both musically and personally, since she's reaching a market that was never on her horizon. Below, she details the collaboration and how it feels to be the first Latin artist to collaborate with a K-pop group on such a massive level.

How was the process recording “Lo Siento” with someone that speaks a different language than yours?

When I heard the song, we started working on the Spanish translation. It was kind a long process back and forward and trying to find the perfect balance between Korean, English, and Spanish and we had a trilingual person to help us.

What's the coolest part about this collaboration?

The coolest part is that I had the blessing and the honor being part the process. This had not been done before and I’m glad to take par. We have the power to break cultures.

You also had the opportunity to go on tour with Super Junior. How was that experience?

It’s insane. To go places like Argentina and Peru, I honestly didn’t expect the fans to receive me the way that they did receive me. Because it's one thing be a guest on a Super Junior song and for everybody to know you because that song. But to be accepted, especially with their fan base — the way that they accepted me was such a beautiful thing. Also, they were singing my song.

What was the most interesting thing that caught your attention about Super Junior?

In South Korea, after 21, men are obligated to serve their country, and Super Junior members go in and out and they take a break all the time. That's insane, right?!