Lennon Stella Doesn’t Feel Bad ‘Kissing Other People’ in New Single


Lennon Stella embraces blameless hook-ups in her latest single "Kissing Other People," which she released Friday (Nov. 1). The breezy pop song signals that Stella's love for someone dims and burns out when she gets the green light to kiss other people and not feel ashamed for it.

The 20-year-old singer tiptoes into higher notes when she asks herself, "But how do you know?/ How do you really know/ That you're not holding on anymore?" But she doesn't put it that lightly in the response to her ex, as the chorus celebrates her unabashed conviction: "Oh yeah, losing myself in a new someone/ That's how I know I'm really moving on/ 'Cause I don't feel guilty kissing other people."

Norwegian singer-songwriter Caroline Ailin (Dua LipaLouis the Child) co-wrote the dance-worthy track with Stella after attending a writing camp in Cabo, Mexico. "Carolina Ailin and I were in an Uber driving home from a club and she asked me about boys. I said to her something about finally feeling like I was at a place where I could kiss someone else and not feel sorry about it or feel like I was doing something wrong," Stella said in a press release. "The next day in her session she started 'Kissing Other People' and then it turned into what it is."

Listen to "Kissing Other People" below.