LEGO Goes Hard With New "Stranger Things" Upside-Down Set


Many will attest to one simple fact: LEGO is not merely for the entertainment of children. With elaborate sets housing pieces in the thousands, many beloved franchises have received the “LEGO Treatment,” from Harry Potter to the Avengers. Today, Netflix original Stranger Things has been added to the LEGO game in a massive way. A new set called “The Upside Down” has officially been unveiled, weighing in with a total piece count of 2287.

The set itself features the Byers household in both its “normal” state and its “Upside-Down” variant, which speaks to the ingenuity behind the set’s creation. The “Upside Down” also features eight minifigures, including, Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, Chief Hopper, and a Demogorgon. According to a report from, the set includes a functional light-up wall, mirroring the Christmas Lights messaging method employed in the show’s first season.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that “The Upside Down” lives up to its name, able to stand upon being flipped over. Should you be interested in checking out this elaborate set, it’s going for $200, which is modest for a set of this magnitude. Any LEGO heads out there?