LeBron James Urges 50 Cent To Re-release "Power Of The Dollar"


In the comment section of a TBT 50 cent posted on Instagram yesterday, LeBron James chimed in to demand the re-release of 50 Cent‘s Power of the Dollar. G-Unit historians often point to the importance of the record, in light of the fact it sparked 50 Cent’s career, and the adversarial persona he took on for year’s to come.

LeBron James Urges 50 Cent To Re-release "Power Of The Dollar"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“Re release ‘Power of A Dollar”! Straight flames!!!!” LeBron wrote in the comments. The Lakers’ forward is widely known to be wise beyond his years when it comes to his knowledge of Y2K-era rap. James was born in Akron in the year 1984, placing him in the confines of a Kindergarten classroom the year 50 Cent dropped the all-important mixtape.

And yet, when LeBron looks into the lens, all he can think of is a currency exchange in the year 2000 or the scolding manner that Jay-Z once asked, “I’m about the dollar, what the fuck is 50 cent?”

50 Cent did eventually drop down in response, amazed by the millennial baller’s far-reaching knowledge. “@kingjames Damn boy you real be knowing this music shit for real,” 50 responded in astonishment. Power of the Dollar features notable contributions from Destiny’s Child, Noreaga, and Bun B. It hasn’t been re-released to the masses since it became a hot commodity in the streets, during the bootleg era.