LeBron James Teases Lakers Fans With Revitalized GOAT Energy


As he heads into his 17th season in the NBA, LeBron James has just as much to prove as anyone else in the league. He has won countless awards and even has three NBA Championships to his name. Despite this, people are constantly trying to debate LeBron’s place in the game and whether or not he is really one of the greats. For a while, the debate has been whether or not James is a better player than Michael Jordan. Now, it seems like the debate has shifted to whether or not James is the best player in the NBA, right now.

Based on LeBron’s latest IG post, it’s clear he’s been paying attention to all of the debates out there and this season, he is looking to reclaim the throne. If you’re playing against LeBron this season, you better be on high alert because he’s coming with some heat.

“Overly focused, it’s far from the time to rest now,” James said. “Debates growin’ ‘bout who they think is the best now.”

Just last week, ESPN released its list of the top 100 players in the league and ended up placing LeBron in third. Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo were ranked second and first respectively which must be a sore spot for the three-time NBA champion.

With LeBron as motivated as ever this season, the Lakers are going to be a problem.