LeBron James Steals The Show At Bronny Jr’s Game With Practice Shots


LeBron James is easily one of the most recognizable sports superstars in the world and he’s not afraid to show his face in public places, especially when those places have to do with his son Bronny Jr. Bronny is a pretty spectacular basketball player himself and at 14 years old, some people think he might be good enough to eventually play college ball and even make the NBA one day. Bronny was playing in the Elite Youth Basketball League in Atlanta this past weekend and, of course, his dad was there to cheer him on.

Despite being done with the season, LeBron used the outing as an opportunity to get some practice shots off in between youth games. In the video below, which comes courtesy of TMZ, you can see James getting some shots off while all of the kids are off the court. When his son’s team starts to warm up, LeBron went back out to grab some rebounds.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski was in attendance to watch Bronny play which will surely create some interesting rumors. The Blue Devils have one of the best basketball programs in the country and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think Bronny Jr. would play there someday. LeBron would surely be a permanent fixture at Duke games if that were to happen.