Lebron James Sinks Impossible Shot To Win Game 3, Players React


The physicality Lebron James’ lateral movement is enough to put defenders on a swivel. In the dying seconds Game 3 last night, Lebron James made an impossible shot that will go down in history as one the all-time clutch endings to a game. With OG Anunoby rattling the a game-tying three pointer, the Raptors relapsed into a relaxed pose thinking the game was likely headed to extra time. With limited time on the clock, Lebron drives to his left, his only option his weaker, leaps with one leg, calibrating his shot while in the air. The result speaks for itself. 

The look dejection on the faces the Raptors bench following the buzzer said it all. OG Anunoby believed he had secured his place in Raptor’s history, and to his credit it was a great shot, one his 4 from beyond the arc. Lebron proceeded to elevate the crowd with superhero poses. The Raptors could do nothing but stop and stare. NBA players from around the league were quick to extol Lebron’s performance. They took to Twitter to share their astonishment. The Raptors simply don’t have a player who can adequately guard King James for long enough stretches, not since they floaded Demarre Carroll’s contract. Even that experiment was a work in progress.