LeBron James Reacts To Lakers Winning Fourth Overall Pick


Despite being projected to get the 11th overall pick in the draft, the Los Angeles Lakers got extremely lucky and were given the fourth overall pick in the NBA Entry Draft. It’s a huge development for this Lakers team that has been falling apart from within over the last couple of months. The Lakers will be looking to load up during Free Agency and now that they have the fourth overall pick, they will have a trade piece for a blockbuster deal if they so choose. Lakers fans were fairly happy about the high pick, while their superstar, LeBron James, was excited about the news. 

LeBron, who can be a man of very few words while speaking on Twitter, simply said “#4 Beautiful.” As soon as LeBron said this, fans were quick to accuse James of Tampering, although these accusations were clearly tongue and cheek. James should be excited about the team getting the fourth pick as they are desperate to improve right now. If the pick were used in a package deal to acquire a player like Anthony Davis, LeBron would be even happier.

There have been rumors that the Lakers would want to trade LeBron for Ben Simmons, although with LeBron’s excitement over the Lakers fourth overall pick, it appears as though the King is all in on the purple and gold.