LeBron James Hints At The Return Of His Iconic Chalk Toss


If you’re a LeBron James fan, then you know that one of the most iconic things about him was his signature chalk toss. This was always done during the pre-game warmup and it would get fans pumped for the show the King was about to put on. If you were to mix the chalk toss with a headband in the middle of LeBron’s hairline, you would end up with an automatic 40-point triple-double. Unfortunately, LeBron retired the ritual back in 2014 and hasn’t brought it back since.

Well, that might change as LeBron took to Twitter to tease the return of his iconic chalk toss. While replying to a post about the classic tradition, LeBron said “Could be making a return this coming year until forever! Stay tuned.”

James is currently filming Space Jam 2 which means he’s in Hollywood mode right now. If you’re going to be in movies, you have to be a bit of a showman so perhaps this news is directly related to that. Now that LeBron plays in Los Angeles, the whole world is watching and the chalk toss would certainly be a way to get some fans excited again.

LeBron was in the prime of his career during the chalk toss days so a return to form could be symbolic of what’s to come for the Lakers.