LeBron James Had A Message For Shannon Sharpe On His Birthday


Shannon Sharpe has proved time and time again on FS1’s Undisputed that he is the biggest LeBron James fan in the world. Whenever LeBron does something noteworthy, he shows up on set with a goat mask and James jersey. He refers to the character as “GOAT James” and it always seems to get annoy the living hell out of his co-host, the disagreeable Skip Bayless. Yesterday, Sharpe celebrated his 51st birthday and at the tail end of the day, LeBron wished Sharpe a very happy birthday.

“Can’t let the day go by without saying Happy Gday to the homie !!” LeBron wrote. “Heading to Club Shay Shay right now for a glass of the yak! Enjoy your day”

The birthday post is especially funny when you consider that Sharpe likes to bring Hennessy and rolling papers to the set of Undisputed whenever LeBron does something great. Sharpe usually refers to this as “Club Shay Shay” which just goes to show you that LeBron really is paying attention out there.

As for Sharpe’s birthday, the Undisputed host still looks pretty good for his age and even appears to be ready to step back out onto the football field. For now though, we’ll just have to settle for his hilarious takes on TV.