LeBron James Exudes Dad Energy With Cringeworthy Dance Moves: Watch


Picture it. You’re Bronny James Jr. and you just spent a long day at Sierra Canyon high school where you ground your way through history, math, English literature and science classes. You just finished a two-hour practice and are desperate to get home and finally get some rest. When you get in the door, you head to your room and open up Instagram. After sifting through your DMs, you scroll down your timeline and see a new post from your dad, LeBron James. 

He appears to be practicing his three-point shooting so you watch the whole thing to see if you can get some pointers on your game. Instead of useful tips that will make you a better ballplayer, you are subjected to your dad giving you perhaps the worst dance moves of all-time.

Okay, now that we’re done with the roleplaying, it’s time to admit we can’t be letting LeBron get this off all willy nilly. There are consequences to your actions and this, well, it’s truly unacceptable. His Instagram comments seem to be saying the exact same thing so you can’t really get mad at us for pointing this out.

All jokes aside, we’re glad LeBron is having fun on the court but sometimes you just have to ask yourself: at what cost?