LeBron James Dismisses Analytics While Praising CJ McCollum


CJ McCollum went off in Game 7 of the Portland Trail Blazers match against the Denver Nuggets. The Blazers won the game 100-96 as McCollum scored the game-winning shot, all while putting up 37 points and getting a chase down block in the process. McCollum, who is from Canton, Ohio, caught the eye of LeBron James who grew up close by in Akron. The two share the same 330 area code so when LeBron saw McCollum have a career game, he decided to show some love on social media.

After McCollum hit the game-winning shot, James took the opportunity to criticize those who have been relying on analytics to comment on how basketball games should be played.

“That’s exactly why I don’t wanna hear all that analytics talk! In PLAYOFF games when it usually come down to 1/2 possession games down the stretch, just get me bucket! The best shot during that possession. And if it’s a Pull-up 2 then so be it cause it was the best SHOT!” James wrote.

“When y’all want to talk REAL basketball let me know,” he continued.

After the game, McCollum commented on his chase down block, saying he was definitely inspired by LeBron on the play.

“I just went and got it, Bron style. Shout out to my guy Bron from the 330. It was a mini version of Bron’s block on Iggy. I definitely didn’t get up as high. I might get a picture of that one. Hang that joint up,” McCollum said according to the Washington Post.