LeBron James Brings Back Infamous Chalk Toss Routine, Fans React


LeBron James is entering his second year with the Los Angeles Lakers and fans are hoping this new campaign is a lot more fruitful than the first one. Of course, the Lakers missed the playoffs again last year and it was mostly due to a plethora of injuries that kept the team from reaching their full potential. LeBron suffered an injury of his own and the team looked incompetent in his absence. This season, it seems things are going to be different especially with Anthony Davis providing the King with some support.

To mark a brand new season, it seems like LeBron is going back in his bag to a time when he was winning championships and putting up highlight-reel plays every single shift. One of his routines during that time was the infamous chalk toss he would do before every game. This season, LeBron has made it a point to bring it back and fans couldn’t be more excited.

LeBron showed off his chalk toss while in China on Saturday as the team took on the Brooklyn Nets. The routine didn’t exactly help the team win but it made fans excited about what’s to come this season. Perhaps we will see a completely rejuvenated LeBron who is on a mission to prove his doubters wrong.