LeBron James’ Agent Rich Paul Denies Running The Lakers: Watch


Ever since LeBron James went to the Los Angeles Lakers, there have been jokes and speculation that he actually runs the franchise. Some feel as though LeBron is the one pulling the strings and is the one telling GM Rob Pelinka who to trade, sign, and hire. These theories were on full display earlier in the season when the Lakers were trying to trade for Anthony Davis. Davis eventually came to the Lakers in the offseason, which for some, was a foregone conclusion. What’s interesting about Davis and LeBron is that their agent is Rich Paul, who runs Klutch Sports.

Klutch Sports is one of the most powerful agencies in the league with players like Ben Simmons and Draymond Green signed to Paul’s imprint. It has been theorized that Paul has been pulling the strings of the Lakers franchise and over the weekend, Paul was asked about it. As you would expect, Paul was quick to deny those rumors, saying he’d never want to run an NBA team, let alone as an agent.

Paul later revealed that he would be interested in buying a franchise someday, although that won’t be happening any time soon. Paul continues to be one of the most powerful agents in the sport and with LeBron backing him, there is no denying he still wields quite a bit of power.