Lauryn Hill Announces 20th Anniversary Tour For "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill"


Lauryn Hill, despite having only ever released a single solo project, is still considered a legend. Her time as a member The Fugees and her debut album, The Miseducation Lauryn Hill, have cemented her as one the greatest rap artists all time in the eyes many. Miseducation was released in 1998, and has gone eight times platinum since then. For the readers who are too young to have experienced the album, you might recognize her as the voice behind the catchy sample on Drake’s latest hit song, “Nice For What.”

Fans Lauryn Hill and her album will have something to look forward to this summer as Hill has just announced that she will be going on tour for the album’s 20th anniversary. While it was previously reported that she would be performing an all Miseducation set at this years Pitchfork Fest, in July, this tour will find Hill performing in 26 different cities across the United States and Canada, including: Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, and Toronto.

The tickets go on sale at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, so hopefully by the time you’ve read this you’ll still have time to pick one up. It promises to be a great show, with Hill performing The Miseducation Lauryn Hill in its majority. 

You can head over to Ticketmaster right now and get ready to secure your ticket to see Lauryn Hill live, and if you live outside one the cities on her tour, maybe start looking into bus tickets.