Lauren Duski & Fans Shed Skins In 'Costume Party' Watch


Lauren Duski may have won runner-up on The Voice, and she may have the devotion her home state Michigan, but she's still figuring out how to keep herself in the fast-paced world pressional music. It's a strange world full twists, turns and opportunities for mistakes. You're asked to wear so many masks and just as many hats. How do you keep yourself grounded and recognize the human in the mirror?

She took pen to paper and wrote "Costume Party" about finding the courage to be yourself under the spotlight. It's a powerful and intimate portrait, and it's one that resonated with fans young and old across the world.

The song's undeniable relatability led fans to making their own music videos for it, which inspired Duski to create her ficial "Costume Party" video using that raw footage. It's touching and reminds us that everyone has moments self-doubt, no matter who they are.

If you're ready for a pick-me-up and a little vulnerability, step inside Duski's "Costume Party" below. Leave the mask at home.