Latinx Is Officially in the Dictionary! What the Phrase Means, Plus Latinx Artists You Should Listen To


It’s ten used on social media by millennials Latin American origins, but it wasn’t until this September that the term "Latinx" has ficially been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

It is one more than 840 new entries this month, including “Generation Z,” “hangry,” and “adorbs.” If you’ve seen the word around but have no idea what it means, let us school you.

Latinx, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a gender-inclusive term used by people “ Latin American descent who do not identify as being the male or female gender or who simply don’t want to be identified by gender.”

Pronounced luh-tee-neks, the popular word has been especially embraced by the Latin LGBTQ community to degenderize and show their pride. Check out some Latinx artists we love below.

Becky G

Besides making chart-topping hits, the 21-year-old Mexican-American singer, Becky G, has used her platform to address social issues and talk about Latinx activism. "I want to be involved and find a purpose,” she said at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conference. "I wasn't given this platform just to make music, I want to raise awareness."

Lauren Jauregui

In 2016, the former Fifth Harmony singer penned an open letter on Billboard, stating she’s a "proud bisexual Cuban-American woman.” Her recent collaboration with Halsey in "Strangers" is dedicated to the LGBTQ community. Watch below. 

Jackie Cruz

The Orange is the New Black actress is making way in the music industry following her dream to be a singer. At the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conference, Cruz joined Becky G and civil rights activist Carmen Perez in the “Latinx Activism: Giving Voice To a New Social Rising" panel.