Latin Connection Podcast: Karol G On Being Real & Why She Wants to Record With Rihanna


Karol G got rid her voluminous extensions, and she has a pretty good reason. “I got tired seeing so much stuff on my head,” she says, bringing her hand up to her now shoulder length hair. “Every day I had to get back and take things out my head. This is me. This is my hair.

In a frank and open conversation with Billboard’s Latin Connection on the eve the release her new single, “Mi Cama” (My Bed), Karol G opened up about hair, curves, body shaming, stretch marks, and being real in a world that expects perfection.

“Real is the word,” she says. “I told my stylist, ‘I love how I look. I love how I look.'” How she looks is healthy, curvy and happy. “Honestly, maybe I’m not as skinny as I’ve been at some point in my lie, but I like how I look! You look at Beyonce, at Rihanna, at Jennifer Lopez and they have curves you can grab onto,” she adds.

As for those inevitable nasty comments on Instagram (although, when you have 5.6 million Instagram followers, the odd hater is inevitable), Karol G has learned to shrug them f, even if her parents haven’t. “They call me and say, ‘Honey, have you read those comments??’ They suffer more than I do.” 

Check out our conversation with the sunny, open and dazzling Karol G below.