Late Kristoff St. John’s Father & Daughter Challenged Over Will: Report


The ill-timed passing of actor Kristoff St. John seems to accumulate legal trouble. With no valid will in sight, the St. John family involved lawyers and entered negotiations surrounding what to make of the late entertainer’s assets. “The Young and the Restless” star, who portrayed the character Neil Winters for 30 years, was found dead in his Woodland Hills home last February. Coronary reports indicated heart failure as the reason behind St. John’s passing.  

Late Kristoff St. John's Father & Daughter Challenged Over Will: Report

Alexander Sibaja/Getty Images

To grant clarity in the affair, Los Angeles Superior Court judge Deborah Christian granted co-administrative powers to both Kristoff’s father and daughter. The latter was for the purpose of selling a condo previously owned and lived in by the deceased. The temporary powers were considered effective until July 22nd and set in motion despite the competing petitions for ownership placed forth by both parties. 

Late Kristoff St. John's Father & Daughter Challenged Over Will: Report

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Paris St. John, the actor’s mother, now states Kristoff did not live in the condo at all. On the contrary, she claims the daytime series star resided in a separate rental property while she lived in the mentioned condominium. Now Judge Christian fully intends to delve in the St. John’s matter which includes the condo, the competing petitions as well as the validity of a newly found handwritten will reported to be penned by Kristoff back in 2017.