LANY Return to the Stage in L.A. With Electric Energy, Vibrant Visuals: Recap


Los Angeles-based indie-pop trio LANY found their way back home to a sold-out show at the Greek Theatre Thursday night (June 27).

Consisting of singer Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss, keyboardist Les Priest and touring member Giuliano Pizzulo, LANY -- an acronym for Los Angeles New York -- are no strangers to touring. They have previously opened for big names such as Troye Sivan, Halsey and John Mayer, but embarked on their first headlining world tour of sophomore album Malibu Nights beginning in February.

There’s no question that LANY deserves to be the main event – the energy of Klein and fans alike made for an infectiously vibrant performance, matched only by the colorful visuals behind the band.

Below, find six highlights from their homecoming.

The Look

LANY is nothing if not aesthetically-pleasing. An onstage riser divided the rest of the band from Klein, as they played on the second level and he had the floor to himself. Though this limited the rest of the band’s interaction with the crowd, it sure looked cool. These risers were also the screen on which different visuals were displayed for every song -- multicolored static, a mirrored shot of Klein with the crowd, and even bright white (which was a bit blinding). Klein himself was also an important part of the show’s overall look, rocking an all-black 'fit with a stack of chains, black nail polish and messy eyeliner.

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No Excuses

Though much of the audience already knew the words to every song, the visual for the extremely catchy “Taking Me Back” was the lyrics themselves, turning the 5,870 person amphitheater into a karaoke bar for three minutes. “C’mon and sing -- the words are on the screen,” Klein said, and his request was met.

“We Are Finally Home.”

Throughout the night, it was clear that the band was extremely thankful to be playing a sold-out show in their hometown. In between songs, Klein interjected phrases of gratitude, saying, “We are finally home. We love you so much, Los Angeles,” and, “This is the best night of my life.” After sitting at the piano for an emotional rendition of “Valentine’s Day,” Klein took the time to tell the audience the story of LANY. “We used to live in a one bedroom apartment on Wilcox and Willoughby, where we wrote our first songs and put them out to zero followers,” Klein said. “Four years ago we played the Troubadour and tonight we’re here. All we can say is you are the best part of our show, so thanks so much for showing up.”

Up Close and Personal

Though by this point he had jumped into the crowd a few times, Klein took audience interaction to another level during “If You See Her,” running all the way to the top of the theatre and back down again. Security followed, and the whole thing looked like a wild goose chase until cameras found Klein and projected him onscreen, surrounded by fans with a huge grin on his face.

A Meta Moment

During “Super Far,” a hit from 2017’s self-titled debut, they played the song’s music video in place of a stationary visual. This was shocking for a couple of reasons: one, Klein has insanely long hair in the video, and two, it features all three members dancing in lackadaisical synchronicity. It was a bold move, only to have been improved if they would have performed the routine right then and there.


After an extremely short break, LANY came out for a two-song encore, breaking up “Thru These Tears” and “ILYSB” with voicemail interlude “Parents.” Arguably their most popular song, “ILYSB” was the perfect way to end their set; the crowd sang the words so loudly that at one point Klein turned the microphone stand around to face the audience. Basking in the glory, the rest of the band joined Klein on the floor for a proper bow as the cover for classic children’s book Goodnight Moon flashed onto the screen. Goodnight Greek Theatre, Goodnight LANY.


Thick And Thin

Good Girls


yea, babe, no way

I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore

Taking Me Back

Made In Hollywood



Valentine’s Day

If You See Her

The Breakup

pink skies


Super Far

Malibu Nights


Thru These Tears