Lane 8 Finds Groove With 'The Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard': Exclusive


Californian house DJ and producer Lane 8 casts magic spells with his funk-mood music. He invites dancers to leave the world behind. Indeed, on his most recent club tour in support album Little By Little, he forbade revelers from using phones or recording devices any kind. The idea is that we should all join in the same moment here and now and experience the music for what it was as it happened, because even if there weren't any pictures or videos or social stories, it definitely did happen, and so did some unplanned magic.

The road inspired Lane 8 to write a new song, "The Disappearance Colonel Mustard," and plays on the road gave it eternal life.

"When I was little I used to play a mystery board game called Clue," Lane 8 tells Billboard in an emailed statement. "Colonel Mustard was one the characters in the game, and that silly name has always stuck with me over the years for some reason. I made the track right before my album tour this year. It was just meant to be a fun club track at first, but audiences really took to it right away. It slowly became one the standout tracks from the whole tour, so it was obvious that we should put it out."

Lane 8 is currently on the second leg his tour, with forthcoming dates in London, Glasgow, Berlin and some US dates.

"The Disappearance Colonel Mustard" is out everywhere Thursday, July 19, but you can listen to it's chilling groove and tell everyone it was real below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.