Lana Del Rey Shares Revived 'Elvis' Demo for New 'King' Documentary: Listen


Lana Del Rey has shared an updated version a 2008 demo that is featured in Eugene Jarecki's new Elvis Presley documentary, The King.  

On Saturday (June 30), Del Rey tweeted a clip the song, appropriately called “Elvis,” which plays over a montage photos and video footage the rock 'n' roll legend.

“My composition ‘Elvis’ for the new film called ‘The King’ out now directed by Eugene Jarecki,” she captioned the tweet.

The King follows Presley’s ‘63 Rolls-Royce across the country and unravels his legacy in the backseat during the trip.

Del Rey first released the demo version “Elvis” (listen below) on MySpace in 2008 under the name Sparkler Jump Rope Queen. “Elvis” — along with other demos “Blue Ribbon” and “Axl Rose Husband” — were never ficially released.