Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift & More: Who Should Play Elvis’ Wife Priscilla Presley? Vote!


With Austin Butler officially landing the role of Elvis in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic, people are jumping to see who will be cast as his wife Priscilla next.

One artist who's particularly eager to take on the role is Lana Del Rey, who expressed her interest to an inside source, as reported by Radar Online.

It's no secret that the two women look quite similar, plus it does feel like a role Del Rey was born to play. “She’s had her agent badgering Baz for months now, hoping to get her cast," the source told Radar. “Lana looks just like Priscilla and has decided there’s no way she won’t get the part."

Now that Del Rey is potentially up for consideration, we're thinking about all of the other possible female artists who can take on the role. Another great option is Riley Keogh, the real-life daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of Priscilla. Or maybe Baz should stay close to home and pick Butler's longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for the part; their chemistry would be on point, of course.

We've included some options below, but who do you think should play Elvis' wife Priscilla Presley? Vote!