LaMelo Ball Displays Dominance While Tearing Through NBL: Watch


LaMelo is the latest Ball brother to gain the attention of the basketball world and this time, he’s doing so far all of the right reasons. Instead of going to college and playing for free, LaMelo is in Australia playing in the NBL against grown men. There have been a few clips to hit the internet which showcase just how dominant LaMelo has been while playing overseas. He’s already the best player on his own team and during the NBL Blitz in Tasmania today, Ball came through with some even more impressive statistics.

According to Jonathan Givony of ESPN, LaMelo put up 20 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists in a huge win against the league’s defending title winner’s. There were 27 scouts in attendance and LaMelo impressed each and every one of them with his flashy play that ultimately propelled his team to a win.

It will be interesting to see where LaMelo goes in the NBA Draft in the summer of 2020. Players in the NCAA tend to get a lot more publicity than those overseas but when you consider the caliber of play in the NBL, there is a good case for drafting Ball in the top 3.

Perhaps LaMelo can be the Ball brother to give LaVar everything he’s been hoping for.